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What Is this in JavaScript?

What is this in JavaScript

Let's talk about the this keyword in JavaScript. The concept of the this keyword can be very confusing for young developers and sometimes even experienced developers. But before we dive into `this...

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USA State List for Blade

USA State List for Blade Templates

Finding a state list in HTML options is usually easy. Type in a search into Google and within a few clicks, success. Today that's where I found myself, looking for a state list, but this time I needed...

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What Should I Build?

what Should I Build?

The ability to learn is one of the most important things that anyone could learn, but this is especially true for developers and software engineers. As developers, our technologies are always in a con...

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Laravel I Choose You

Laravel I Choose You!

As developers we look for tools that help us be as efficient as we can possibly be. On the front end we see this with the rise in the use of frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue for JavaScript. Whi...

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