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Created on: May 22, 2018   |   Last Updated on: May 22, 2018

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I can't believe that it's really been almost a year since my last post. Life has been EXTREMELY busy. Let's recap.

My last post was in late July of 2017, since then, I've gotten married, then We, my wife and I, started a "TV" show/network on Facebook, called Hitch'd TV. On Hitch'dTV we give relationship advice, we talk about issues concerning couples moving toward marriage, singles wanting to be married, and just about everything in between dealing with relationships. We go live every Thursday night at 9pm on the Facebook page. So as you have read, it has been a busy year, and it hasn't slowed down much in 2018 either. As married life, and the new show continue to grow. So have my responsibilities at the church. Not only do I speak on a consistent basis, every 3rd Sunday, but I'm also the President of RECLAIM, a Men's ministry.

Kingdom Man: Reclaiming Our Manhood

As the president of RECLAIM I've been tasked with the duty putting together a conference for men. Which that in and of itself is a daunting task. I've had headaches and heartaches, anger and almost to the point of crying, and I even wanted to quit. But finally, the conference is close at hand. In fact, it's this weekend. May 25-26th. We have an amazing cast of local ministers, a local rap artist, Mike Renell, who just released his debut album, Exposed.

Mike Renell's Exposed Album

So that explains where I've been all this time and how things have really been moving forward, but I still haven't addressed anything about this blog. I noticed I haven't been producing as much content as I liked a while ago. Mostly because the current state of the blog seems really geared to Technology, Development, and other geek stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love geek stuff, I'm a geek. But it's not all I think about. I want this blog to represent me wholly and not just a segment of my thinking. So the future plans of are simple.

Plans for

Regarding the current status of the site, I have some good news and bad news. I'll start with the bad news.

The Bad News

Well to give it to you short and sweet. Nearly everything that I'm doing on this site will be changing. I'm no longer going to be focusing on just tech stuff, software engineering & development, or geek stuff. In order for the site to really be what I need, I'll have to change what I'm doing on the site. Currently the site only gets about 1 view a month. That's really sad, and that one view is probably me on a different device than what I have excluded from my analytics. REALLY SAD :(

Well the thing is that's about all the bad news I have. Everything else seems to me to be good news.

The Good News

The good news is, EVERYTHING IS CHANGING! Okay, I know I just said that in the last section as a bad thing, but the truth is that change can be a good thing depending on who's view you're taking it from. But this time, the changes that need to be made are really good changes. Like the topics will be changing from just talking about tech. Now I'll be writing my views on everything I find interesting, including but not limiting myself to tech. So I'll be talking about:

Also, I will be redesigning the site soon, to create a new look in order to better represent the new direction. The new design will focus on the subject matter, being more readable and simplified so the design doesn't get in the way of the content.


My life has really changed for the good. It has caused some stress, but also created wonderful opportunities for growth. As I change in life so do my interests. I want to share those things with you. But before I fully get back to the flow. I want to create a place that is simple, where I can be comfortable with the design, and can be free to express my ideas. The new design, and new direction of the site should provide and great freeway of thought and expression. Follow me as I take this journey, and we grow together.

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